Brands employ social media as a primary channel to communicate with their customers. We continue to monitor social media for impersonation attempts in order to defraud companies.



We discovered one of the earliest large-scale cryptojacking instances on popular Indian websites. Two popular news websites were infected with Monero mining Coinhive. Millions of unsuspecting visitors visit these sites daily. Our efforts ultimately led to the infection being removed.

App Privacy


Did you know your apps spy on your most intimate moments, habits, and health information? We took a look at some of the pregnancy tracking apps popular in India. Permissions required by these apps, and the lack of a transparent privacy and data protection policy raises questions.

CEO Fraud


A billion dollar industry. Run from remote parts of Africa. Targets organizations across the globe. Are you at risk?

IoT Security & Privacy


What happens when you connect your 'sex toy' to the broader internet? You leak a lot of data. We found some of suprisingly little clarity on how much data is exactly being pulled off, and who has access to this data.

ERP Security


The modern organization is incomplete without a proper ERP systems. Secure ERP systems are vital to stay competitive, innovate, and delight customers. Our research unearthed vulnerable systems across the globe.



We actively look for, and report databreaches. Our work has led to successfully securing millions of PHI, and PII records.